Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yes, I'm Still Alive, Just Been Very, Very Busy!

Here is a brief, somewhat, recap of what has been going on in our life.  I took this sabbatical from the blog because of the high activity rate in our family.  June was a very rainy month here in Ohio.

Thomas got some new clothes as he was selected for Buckeyes Boys State.  This is a nice opportunity for High School Juniors to get the chance to experience and set up a State and Local governments.  It was held at BGSU.  It was a week long program.

Ohio has the largest Boys State program in the country.  Just getting all the young men checked in is a huge job.  Over 1200 guys were there.  Thomas says that if you want the real inside story on how to succeed at Boys State, contact him.

Thomas held the Statewide position of head of the office of Budget Management.  He got to sign all the checks for the money that was spent by the state.

Thomas returned on Michelle's birthday.  We celebrated by having lunch with just my DH, Michelle and myself.  We got food from Aladdins.

Elizabeth kept coming by to make sure we were going to finish everything and to see if we needed anything else.

Michelle, The 'birthday girl'.  It was a windy day.

June 21st was also Father's Day.  We had a nice celebration at the farm.  Most of the family was able to come.

The younger cousins enjoyed playing with Marbles the cat.

The older ones played games on the porch and just hanging out.

My Dear Dad

Our Sunday evening get together just featured snacks and appetizers.

Miss Heidi

It was nice to have the Eichentower cousins here for a visit from the Philippines.

With my M-I-L living here in Ohio, it is really special to have her be able to join us for family get togethers.

Katrinka, Michelle and Elizabeth
Spending time with the cousins is always special!