Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Boys: (My blond children love blond jokes) How do you tell if a coyote is blond?
Answer: (Warning- slightly gross) It has chewed off three legs and is still stuck in the trap.

"Stop telling me about coyotes because I have been having good nightmares lately, and I don't want them to stop." ~Elizabth

Monday, March 29, 2010

Landmark Books- Judging a Book by It's Cover

Landmark Books are a series of books that were published in the nineteen fifties and sixties. People would subscribe to them and they would arrive in the mail monthly, kind of like a magazine. They would be about either a historical event or biography. The thing that set this series apart from others that were produced at the same time was the fact that they got first-rate authors to either simplify their adult books for them or the best children's authors of that time. They are very well written! This series was intended for elementary readers, about 3-6 graders. My DH says he has learned more history reading through the Landmark books, than he ever did in school.

These books are currently out of print, for the most part. There are a few that have been reprinted in paperback. Sonlight and a few other curriculums use them. There are still a number of them available at used book sales. This post is to show you what they look like so you can find them at a sale. A hardback lasts longer and is so much nicer to read than a paperback and will cost about the same. At a used book store they go for $5-6 dollars. At a library sale, which is where I bought most of mine, I paid 25 cents to $1.

Here is what they look at from the back as you see the spines. There are two basic styles, the ones that went to the home subscribers and the library editions.

The library editions are white and have a photo or a painting on the cover and will also have the volume number clearly visible on the front.

The home edition has a plain cover in various colors. They were originally mailed out with dust jackets, but most of these are gone or torn up. I have a few with dust jackets, but they seem to fall apart quickly when the children read them. They are just fragile with age.

Here is another library edition. There are two different Landmark series. The first was the regular series which is American history. There are over 130 volumes in that set. Later they published the World Landmark Series which covers world history and figures, I think there are about 100 books in that set. The Korean War book above is part of the World Series. The WWII book is part of the Landmark Series.

Here is a close up of the emblems on the spine. The light green one is a home edition of the regular Landmark Series, The middle one is a library regular series, and the tan one is the home World Landmark Series.
Occasionally, libraries will have rebound the books. If you know the general look and feel of a Landmark, you will recognize them even though there is no evidence of Landmark on the cover.

When you open the cover to the tile page you will see that the Landmark emblem is there. The rebound ones are not of any interest to collectors, however as a home school mom I find the rebound bindings are often sturdier and last 'forever'. They are often cheaper at a used book store also.
Now you know what they look like. Go find them and get them in your children's hands. You will be amazed at what they learn and how painlessly it happens. You might even find yourself learning a few things as you peruse them.
Find them before they are gone!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to comment...

Some of our readers are not sure how to comment while others are just shy. Anyways, I am going tell you guys how to write a comment.
After reading the post that we did, you than see who wrote the post.

Under that will be the time that we wrote it and next to it is a word that says 'comments'. Click it!

You will then need to scroll down to the bottom till you see a white box. Write what you want and then select who you want to comments as. Then PUSH the COMMENT BUTTON. We will then view it and see if it worthy of posting.:) Just joking we will post it as long as it is not a rude comment. Now lets see who is brave enough to comment...
Posting a comment shows appreciation for what the blogger has written.

A very thankful mistress...

I am very thankful Dallas is a big dog for being only ten months old. The other day when Daddy came home, Dallas, who usually happily stays inside of the fenced in yard, saw a dog walking on the other side of the street. He decided he had to be with that dog. He quickly dashed outside of the fence and started across the street. Unfortunately, there happened to be a car in the way. We don't know if he hit the vehicle or if the vehicle hit him, but Daddy did hear a definite THUMP. Dallas, then quickly limped back into the yard where we found him limping badly on his front left leg. He was in such state of shock, that all he did for a while was quiver. We gave him some arnica to help with the swelling and pain.
The vehicle did not stop, and the lady and the dog who saw it happen left before we could talk with them. If Dallas had been a smaller dog he Might have gone under the wheel and died. So I am VERY happy he is as big as he is. It took awhile before he was able to eat. Dallas was happy to just lie quietly and sleep. He was not limping as bad the next afternoon. We had a friend, who is a chiropractor, that has taken some courses in adjusting animals, who came and gave him an adjustment. After that he felt much better. Today he seems almost normal again. That is why I am so thankful.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Thoughts

This post is just some random things. Michelle did a photo shoot on our last trip to Amish country while I was busy with patients. It kept Elizabeth occupied too. I really like how many of them came out. This is a sampling.

This week has been busy with school and work. Too many late nights and full days. Only one early morning. Today. It snowed last night. Spring is still dallying.

Please be praying for our friend Lily. She was the young girl who had the severe injury to her leg when she was struck by the ATV. She is needing another surgery on Monday. The bones in her leg are not healing and the growth plate is damaged. Please pray that she will not have too much pain and that the bone will heal now.

Our friend Angie finished her radiation on her tongue/jaw about a month ago. She still has a feeding tube because her mouth is so sore. Please pray that this will heal quickly so that she can once more start eating. Otherwise she seems to be doing well and is able to take care of her family again.

My sister Miriam and her husband Todd leave tomorrow to fly to the Philippines for two weeks . Please pray for safety for them. The children will be spending the time with both sets of grandparents. Please pray that this will go well. They are planning to move there in July for a couple years. Todd will be teaching at Faith Academy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Pictures

My Mom gave me some pictures of me as a young child for my birthday. I thought I'd share a couple of them for family that is interested. The rest can just skip this post. Here I am for my third birthday. Blond with curly hair.

This is my four year old picture

Here I am with my sister Miriam.

This was my Dad's idea. They made our hair up to look like bunny ears for Easter. This is a cruel thing to do. You can tell I wasn't real excited about it. I have a vague memory of this photo being taken. I think I am about 5 here. Thanks Dad. At least it didn't show up at my wedding reception.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Awana Potato Night

Our Awana Group had a potato night on Sunday. The children were to decorate a potato that looked like one of the leaders. This one was done with marker for the shirt, and electrical tape for the pants. They used peppercorns for the eye.

This one was done from icing that was taken off a cake we never ate. It was a Michelle decorating project and we just never got around to eating it. Maybe the blue rose scared us off. We have just had enough sugar lately and didn't need it. So, the icing was recycled and used on the potato.

This one T-Bob did of his leader. He used ketchup on a sweet potato. The ball cap was another chunk of potato. HE also recycled some icing for the pants.

Not exactly things of beauty, but the children had fun doing them. Kind of a fun project to do with the children.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Birthday, Thank-you Wonderful Family!!

I want to thank my parents for bringing me into this world and letting me stay. It was nice to be able to have them come for the celebration. They live nearby and so it is convenient.

This is a self-portrait of Michelle by Michelle. She made one of my favorite things - chilled strawberry soup.

It was delicious. Almost like having a dessert for an appetizer. The whole strawberry and whip cream on top made it extra yummy.

There was a beautiful salad.

The main course was cream chicken over hot spelt biscuits, and creamed corn.
We did have dessert. My mom baked an apple pie and the children made some homemade ice cream. It was a wonderful ending to a delicious meal.

I love daffodils!! Ours in the yard are not ready yet, but Michelle found some at the store and they looked and smelled beautiful!
Thanks Girlfriend!

My good friend Kathy and her husband were also there. The girls surprised me by inviting them.

JoAn made the creamed chicken and biscuits. She also put together the salad. Everything was yummy, and I didn't have to do a thing.

Elizabeth took Michelle's trophy from Awana (our children are not real big on storing them) and adapted it and gave it to me. It was very sweet. Michelle helped her get the flowers and attach them.

The rest of my gifts were a ping pong paddle from the children, socks from my mom and dad. My sister got me a gift card to Trader Joe's, a lunch invitation from my friend Kathy, and some old pictures from my folks of me as a child.
I am a truly blessed woman. Thank-you to all my dear family and friends.
Love ya!
~Mom ( I forget how old I am though)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some More Authors and Books to Look For

'Mr. Popper's Penguins' was one if the first books we read aloud as a family. The oldest child was in first grade. It was a delightful experience and really sold me on the importance of reading aloud to the children. This is a fun book with lots of giggles and grins as we see how poor Mr Popper and his family try to take care of all the penguins. He is a house painter with some absent minded scientist thrown in. It is not a real educational book, but it created in us a thirst to learn more about Antarctica and the explorers. It was a good stepping stone book that whetted our appetites to learn more. I guess that makes it a good and worthwhile book.

Elizabeth George Speare is a Newbery Award winning author. This book 'The Bronze Bow' is set in the time of Christ and is a good read, especially at Easter. This book would be for the Older Elementary and Junior High and up. I enjoy reading it still. She has written several other children's books that are worthwhile as well.

Armstrong Sperry creates a wonderful story and many of his books introduce other cultures or are historical fiction (old west and sailing novels) . Some of the books are for elementary readers, and others are for junior high, more because of the length of the books and vocabulary than because of any other reason. Many of his novels are on tape, and we have enjoyed getting them at the local library; they are great for car trips.

'Misty of Chincoteague' is Marguerite Henry's best known book. A movie was made of it back in the fifties. There are several sequels to it as well. Marguerite Henry is famous for her horse stories. Most of the books are illustrated by Wesley Dennis. She is an excellent author who is historically accurate in her writings and does an excellent job creating her characters. I have enjoyed reading many of her books to the children.

Mrs. Henry does write about a number of other animals. 'Brighty of the Grand Canyon' is a story about a mule out in the Grand Canyon who works with an old miner. After you have read the story, you can watch the movie. Marguerite Henry also wrote and illustrated a book about birds. She has even done a few picture books. One I have is 'Five O'clock Charlie'. The books are written for a middle elementary reader. A little bit beyond chapter books. As with all well written children's books, they are enjoyable by all ages.
If you haven't read these, they are good ones to add to your library list.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Reaon Spring is Special to Us...

The mother of these children also has a birthday today!

Mr. Boots




Happy Birthday Mom!
We love you !

Spring is Springing

Today is the first day of Spring! Things are beginning to spring from the ground. I love it!

The crocuses are popping and the sun is shining and warm. It feels so good.

The boys (Ulysses here) are throwing Frisbees and running around like young colts.

The buds on the cherry trees are starting to swell.

I saw a honey bee on these crocuses just before I got the camera out. I was surprised that it was buzzing around so early in the year.

The daffodils are popping out of the ground.

T-Bob thought he would use the sun to try the old experiment of lighting a leaf on fire with a magnifying glass. We are really enjoying God's amazing creation as we watch it burst forth. We have such an Awesome God!