Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Semester....

Same Scholars.

Thomas loves to stay by the stove and warm himself. He is a freeze body. He is doing well in his studies.

Paul is working slowly through his schoolwork and it is still a matter of debate whether he graduates this year or next.

Michelle likes to burrow under pillows and blankets, reading or doing her handicraft projects.

JoAn will often stop in and join pray with us at devotion time. She is a joy to have around!
She is working hard at her studies. She has 48 semester hours of college credit since October through College Plus.
Barefoot T-Bob plays legos during school. He loves to be barefoot and wear a hoodie with the hood up.

Elizabeth is doing well with her reading and writing. She does a great job on scripture memory also. We are memorizing Hebrews 11:1-20.

We are also busy getting ready for the next debate tournament. Two more to go. We are anxious for spring to arrive and regular views of the sun as well. This has been a LONG winter! The only spring flowers that have bloomed so far are the early crocuses.

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