Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Mangos go Dancing!!

Can you believe it? I still am a bit shocked!!! My DH took the children and I to a ball. It was an Old English Ball. We had so much fun! It was all English folk dancing. The kids were so excited.

The guys got all dressed up. I was surprised at how excited they really were. Of course, it didn't hurt that a lot of their friends from the debate club were going to be there.

Without intentionally planning it, Paul and Michelle ended up in coordinating outfits. They looked so nice.

The band for the evening was 'Girls gone Mild'. Everybody in the band was over 50. They did a lovely job of playing English country music. The lady in the black dress with the ponytail, was the instructor. She did a really nice job of teaching all us newbies the different steps to each of the dances. She kept everything moving smoothly, which was a challenge with about 140 dancers to keep organized.

Michelle had a friend who is a beautician do an 'updo' for the event. It came out real nice.

Pastor Mike was the emcee. He has all the get up and costume for an English ball. He even grew out the sideburns for the occasion.

T-Bob made sure that he had a partner for every dance. He kept the ladies happy with his charming smile and friendly conversation.

Thomas and Michelle were even partners for a dance. I had to put a picture in here of them holding hands. Never thought I'd see that done willingly! Of course in all these dances, you switched partners about every 20 seconds.

Promenade all! This style of dancing is really good exercise. The dances do keep on going for a long time. You got to dance with pretty much everybody by the end of some dances, and definitely by the end of the evening.

I really enjoyed seeing my DH and Michelle dancing together. She was happy to finally have a partner who was taller than herself. I think only three of the guys at the dance were taller than she was. We are looking forward to going again.

Incidentally, for those keeping track, JoAn and Elizabeth stayed home. You had to be 10 or older to go. Elizabeth is only seven. JoAn was willing to watch her for us.

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