Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saying Good-Bye....Again

This past July my Sister and her family once again left to return to the Philippines.  It was sad to see them go, but we are pleased that their heart's desire is to serve the Lord.  We will miss them a lot!
 There were last minute pictures to help reinforce precious memories.  Was T-Bob really ever that much shorter than Josh?  The picture wouldn't lie.

 The three oldest girl cousins worked together packing and making memories as they worked together.  They are so glad that with the modern technology of Skype and Google Chat and facebook they can stay in touch!
 I think that Katrinka and T-Bob miss each other the most.  They are bestest friends.  They are happy though to play games on the computer even though they are across the world from each other.  It is a blessing.

 The last day before leaving was spent packing, despite the best laid plans of Todd and Miriam.  Everything always takes longer than planned and so many things pop up unexpectedly that you have to do before you go.  So many challenges!  But they got it done and made it to the airport.

 Josh has officially passed Dad up in height.  Dad did everything but stand on his tip-toes to get every possible millimeter on his side of the height chart.

Then the final good-byes.  There were tears on all faces as the time to say good-bye for the last time was here.  Lots of hugs.  We miss them a lot!  One of Josh's final requests to me was to start writing on the blog again.  Here you go Josh....

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  1. Thanks for blogging again, Jen! Love the photos and commentary!! Miss you!