Thursday, July 10, 2014

The June Birthday Party

It is time for the annual June birthday party.  It is something we look forward to all year!

We have the tradition of lining up all the grandkids, by age, along the back of the house.  It is interesting to see the children change in height through the years. In the beginning they were all stair steps, but that has changed through the years.

The girl cousins posed together.

Then the boys.  They were silly!

Michelle and Thomas wanted a picture of themselves when they were about the same height.  It won't last for long.  Thomas is currently growing at a prodigious rate!!!

Michelle was also full of silliness that evening!

This evening was extra special as my mom-in-law was there.  She also has a June birthday!  There were 6 June birthdays!  It was beautiful weather and wonderful fellowship!

The kids had fun playing together.


Thomas is 17 now.  Who would have thought that it happened already?  He is growing up!!!

This year we skyped the Filipino cousins and had a nice visit with Mir and Kitty.

It was nice to be able to talk to someone so far away in real time.  They were looking good!

Miss Sadie was happy to turn five.  She starts kindergarten in the fall.

Then it was time for the presents!  Sadie went second.  Isaac was wanting to help her open her gifts.

To include the Eichs, the person opening the gifts had to sit in a seat that was visible to the laptop, so they could be seen in the Philippines.

Even Mom got some gifts!  She really seemed to enjoy being including in the celebration!  We thank God for a godly heritage!!!

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