Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kickball Mango Style

The family reunion was a wonderful time.  Since we were gathering to honor my father-in-law, we chose to play a lot of kickball.  This was one of Dad's most favorite activities.  He insisted that it be played at almost every family gathering.  We all enjoyed it.

Picking teams was the first order of business.

Several of the youngsters opted to go swimming with Uncle Bob rather than play kickball.  It was refreshing.

T-Bob did a lot of the pitching for his team.

It was nice that there was actually enough players to have a good game.

My DH kicks a foul ball.

The Uncles and many of the Aunts all played.

Karen had good follow through.

Uncle Jon wore his work shoes to get a good kicking surface.

Thomas gave the ball a good ride ...

... and then took a good rest after scoring.

Lisa started off playing, but then had to stop as her hip was hurting.

We even had fans and observers.  It was a great day and I think Dad would have been very pleased to see the fun we had and the sportsmanship that was exhibited.  He would have enjoyed joining us.  He played well into his 70's.  He was a real game player.  We sure miss him.

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