Thursday, September 11, 2014

Old House Update - Kitchen is done!!!

The kitchen is finally done. My DH has worked so hard on it. There is some final detailing to be done on the house, and then it will go on the market.  If you know someone who would be interested in this beautifully redone century house, let us know!

The eat-in kitchen has a large pantry.  Wish I had this at the new house. (grin) My DH did such a lovely job choosing the tile and all the kitchen pieces and parts and installing them.

There are all new stainless steel appliances.  We also installed new lighting.  I have always liked the fact that the window over the sink looks out over the back yard.  I like the built-in dishwasher also.

Here is the other side of the kitchen.  There is a really nice 5 burner stove and a built in microwave.

view from the kitchen into the formal dining room.

There is lots of cabinet and counter space with the new peninsula.  There is more new lighting here also.

This is the original door on our century home.  It is really pretty, and I think very cool to have.

We have redid the porch/entry way to the house. It looks so much better.

The back hall bathroom was given a make over. It still needs the new lighting installed.

The living room looks so nice, especially with the afternoon shadows.

The backyard is coming along nicely.  It is gradually greening up.  Almost all of the junk has been cleared out.  We are planning to move the little shed (formerly our chicken coop) out of there also and bring it to the farm.  We never seem to have enough chicken coops here.

The front yard no longer bears the imprints of our vegetable gardens.  The grass here looks nice.

Our old house.  So many memories, but I really don't miss it at all.  I love the farm!

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