Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice Storm

Last night we had an ice storm. It left the world looking like a fairy land. Yes, there were a few tree branches and wires down, but it was so beautiful. This is our rhododendron bush.

An evergreen tree with frozen ice jewels hanging from the branches.

The neighbors little pine tree.

A lilac that will have beautiful purple sprays come spring is now encapsulated in an icy garment.

It runs off and looks like a frozen waterfalls.

The gooseberry bush rests in its icy splendor.

The blueberry bush was highlighted by the silvery ice.

The rhododendron got so heavy that the branches bent leaving the icicles to form curls at the end of their tips as gravity moved them to the horizontal. It stretches my mind to see the icicles almost totally horizontal.

I think that ice storms are one of the most beautiful things in God's creation! Especially if I don't have to be outside driving in it. All you warm weather friends can enjoy our winter vicariously. We are having a good time, but longing for a little more sunshine!

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