Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Had a Wonderful Birthday!

Spring arrives on the same day that I was born. I love spring flowers, especially daffodils. The winter was long and cold and snowy this year and so the only flowers in bloom are the crocuses.

My girls fixed me a beautiful breakfast tray for me to enjoy in my room. It was delicious!

Orange juice, hot tea in a new super size mug with whipped cream, cold strawberry soup, scrambled eggs, bacon, and delicious homemade cinnamon raisin bread. It was an amazing breakfast!! No, I wasn't able to eat it all. I saved most of the soup for an evening snack.

We had a really nice lunch also. It was nice to have the family around for a quiet afternoon.

Michelle made me tapioca pudding for my birthday dessert. It was yummy. We had cut up fresh fruit with homemade granola to go on top.

Michelle and Paul

Who's this guy? Not a Mango. He is one of Paul's best friends who was up visiting from North Carolina.
This is his younger brother who is good friends with Thomas and T-Bob. They are two very pleasant young men to have around.


It was a great day.

Elizabeth sure enjoyed her dinner.

T-Bob and Elizabeth gave me dark chocolate bars for my birthday.

Michelle made and decorated this chalkboard for me. I will hang it up in the kitchen and take down the electronic dartboard that doesn't work. She made all the flowers that are on the one corner too.

I am blessed with a wonderful family!!

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  1. Very special and sweet! Tell Michelle I love the flowers - a great touch =0]