Monday, September 26, 2011

Schooling Michelle

Michelle loves children and working in the kitchen. If I let her, she would have our yard filled with farm animals. She is a most compassionate person. She is also a hard worker. However, her interests are not very academic. So coming up with her school curriculum is a challenge. She would rather cook or babysit all day rather than do school. So what did we come up with?

Well, I am having her teach the younger two children art. This has been a win-win for the family. I am also having her do a sketching course. Time will tell if that is successful. She must finish Pre-Algebra this year and Physical science.

Her reading includes things like a cookbook, that covers the different regions of the US, A book that teaches how to run a small farm and all the skills needed, including electrical, plumbing, digging a well, and raising animals. She really enjoys that book.

She is also doing the Mystery of History vol 3 with us as a family. Plus all the other together subjects. She is also doing a lot of reading.

I have assigned her 'Roosevelt's Letters to his Children', 'All Quiet on the Western Front', the book that is Edward Bok's Autobiography, 'Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave', Hazlitt's 'Economics in One Lesson', 'Flying Cloud' a biography of the woman who navigated the fastest clipper ship passage around the horn ( a great read, by the way), 'Microbe Hunters', 'Holiness of God', A book on de-cluttering, and she has to copy a recipe in her personal cookbook every week. She also does a daily language lesson and is working on Seterra for geography. Now she doesn't do all of them every day, but she does work on them a little bit every week.

Michelle also works on her craft project while we do school together. She has been very busy lately on making two 'quiet books' for two of her friend's children. She is a real artsy-crafty person. Very artistic. She has grown into a delightful young woman.


  1. Wish you lived closer as well, being as we are in VA its a ways away...I'm adding more and if you are interested in me shipping any I can...

  2. sound good! our kind of schooling. Any chance you want to share the title of the cook book? It sounds like something my daughter would like to use. Denise