Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Week in Review

At AWANA this week they had vegetable character night.  I thought this was an amazing likeness of DH.  

My niece was over and Miss President was proud to show us where she had missing teeth.

Car was a pleasant guest as well.

Elizabeth was excited to see that they brought spare clothes to change into.  She then made sure they had to use them.  She took them out to play in the mud.  They had a grand time!

Friday was spent down in Amish country.  It rained a lot in the morning.  I stopped at this farm to get eggs.  The lane looked compacted and drivable, most of the mud was on the edges.  I wasn't planning on driving all the way, just up to the crest.  Halfway up, I decided to see if I could back out.  I couldn't. The covering of mud on top was slippier than ice.  As I backed up the rear wheels slipped into the edge and got stuck.  I was embarrassed to have gotten stuck.  I should have known better than to try it.

The poor farmer had to hook up his heavy team and bring them out to tow me out.  Poor guy!  He got a bit muddy doing it, but he didn't complain.  He appreciates my business. Nice guy!

Looked out and saw five deer in the back.  I was able to get out and get close enough to take a picture.

When they saw me they took off running.  It was fun to watch them go.  

All they left was their prints behind them.

Elizabeth and I took a walk/hike to the back of the property.  She was showing off her creek walking skills.  The creek flows through the field.

There is a lot of clay in the fields.  The kids had fun building dams in the creek. Yes, they get filthy dirty playing out in the creek.

Can someone tell me what this is?  There is a clay wreath around the top of the hole.

The hole is about 3/4" across and is neat and straight.  It looks like someone pulled a pole out of the ground, but obviously that isn't what happened. Who made the hole?

It has been a good week.  We are enjoying the warmer weather.  There is a possibility of snow on Tuesday and then the weather hopefully warms up for good.  We have a lot of work to do on the gardens.  Got to get them built up.  Looking forward to the growing season.  I have also ordered more chicks and some turkey poults.  The farm has to earn it's keep!


  1. That's where a crawdad came out of the mud to get away from rising water. I've seen them a foot tall here in Southern Illinois after lots of flooding.

  2. Wow, I didn't know we had crawdads in our back field. I didn't know they would live in the middle of a field in Ohio. Guess our water table is pretty high. Need to get some drainage out there. Thanks Paula for the ID.