Thursday, February 5, 2015

Basketball Times

This year is the first year that both boys have competed in basketball. Thomas played on the Junior varsity and T-Bob played on the Junior High Team at CCS.

Yesterday they took the team pictures for the Varsity and JV teams.  Thomas is number 11.

There were LOTS of pictures.  I think Thomas is the tallest guy on the JV team.  He has had a good season and has learned so much about playing basketball.  This was his first time playing and he ended up starting most of his games.  You can't teach height!

Incidentally,  This post is dedicated to my nephew in the Philippines who started his basketball career playing with many of these guys.  Micah (#24) has really grown in the last year.

One thing I appreciate about the CCS team is that a number of the players on the team go to our church.  It really is a good way to build relationships!  Zach (#44) is a bulldog.  He plays varsity and has improved so much this season.  He has even gotten to start a few games.  He plays a tough low post and knows how to muscle it back up.  He does an 'Infinity' workout before his games.  Trevor (#3) "has hops" as the kids say.  He is really quick and can block shots with the height he gets on his jumps even if he is not especially tall.  He is a really good player, especially for being a freshman this year.  He started most of the varsity games.

Thomas started at center for the JV's.  He is tall and he has really long arms for his height.  That really helps on the tip off...

... and playing defense in the middle.

Thomas has come to really enjoy basketball!

This has been a good learning experience for the guys.  They have not had a good win - loss record, but they have really improved through the season.  They have a couple more games left and then the season is done.

T-Bob has come so far from last season!  He has practiced hard to develop a jump shot and is much more consistent on his foul shots.  He shot over 50% so far on the season.

T-Bob has grown a lot this season also.  He has almost caught up to me in height (that would make him almost 5' 9").  He has worked very hard, and has become a leader on his team.

Our junior high team is not very good.  Most of the teams we play against, have mostly 8th graders on their team playing.  We have two eighth graders total and even some of our fifth graders see significant playing time.

Logan is an excellent free throw shooter.  Especially if you promise him candy if he makes the shot.  It seems to focus his attention for some reason.

T-Bob has been a bit frustrated with the play of the team, but they have had much to overcome.  They have had almost no practices.  This was mostly due to scheduling conflicts at the school.  The fall play and other things came up.  But they are learning through playing in games.  They just lack the conditioning that regular practices gives you.  They really get tired in the second half.  

Next year T-Bob moves up to the JV team.  He is looking forward to that.  He has enjoyed going to their practices quite a bit of the time with Joel. He is learning a lot.

You may wonder, who practices the most in our family?  I would have to say that the most faithful player in our family is Elizabeth. She is outside almost everyday with the kitchen timer in her pocket set for 30 or 45 minutes.  She works on her shooting outside.  She works on her dribbling in the house in the basement.

She is her mother's child.  She never gets cold.  She has her sleeves rolled up and her shorts on when she is out there.  Some days the temperature is in the teens, but that doesn't phase her.

She insists on having good shot form and works on keeping that elbow in.  Her goal is to be a 6' 2" shooting guard on a girl's team.  She will get the height without a doubt, now she just has to work on her ball skills.  She enjoys playing basketball with her brothers.  Next year maybe we will let her play on the junior high team.  They asked her this year, but we decided that she was too young as a 9 year old.  We will miss basketball when the season finishes up this month, but now we are in the midst of debate season, so we won't be bored!  LOL

Stay warm and dry!

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