Sunday, January 25, 2015

Things that have made me Smile and be Happy Lately....

Salvation Army  

Has made me smile... 

I took T-Bob to the local Salvation Army on a Wednesday ( half price day) to look for a suit, dress shoes, and a dress shirt to be ready for his debate tournament.  This is what we came home with... A Very nice suit that fit without being altered ( and there is extra material in the sleeves and pant hems to allow for lengthening), comfortable dress shoes that look sharp, a dress shirt that fits perfect and several ties so that he could coordinate with his partners outfit.  All for $17!!!  I also found a beautiful dress for Elizabeth for when she has to give her speeches.  It was $3.50.  Such wonderful deals.  I was thinking that I would have to go to Burlington Coat Factory and maybe another store to find everything.  We got all our shopping done in a little over an hour.  A word of advice... When thrift shopping, go to well to do neighborhoods, they have better quality clothes for the same prices as the poorer quality clothes in less affluent areas.  It is such a blessing and sure helps one to be a good steward of your finances.

Proud mom comment... T-Bob and his partner won first place in the Club Round Robin Tournament in the novice track.  Thomas won 6th place Debate speaker.

A beautiful snowy day when I don't have to go anywhere makes me happy.  The snow started today about the time we got home from church.  It has been so pretty to watch it gently fall.

This little door on the chicken tractor makes me happy.  It means that I can gather the eggs from the outside and don't have to climb up into the coop where there are lots of chickens roosting at head level or a little above.  Anyone who has worked with chickens would know why this is a good thing.  

Opening the little door and seeing all the eggs lying there also makes me smile.  A lot of times, Marbles the cat comes with me and insists on climbing up on the ledge to help look for eggs.  This is more of an irritation than a help though.  I really appreciate Paul putting this door on the tractor.

I do like going into the Run-in coop and seeing and hearing the chickens. ( yes, we keep two separate flocks of laying hens.  There are about 30 hens in each group and 2 roosters. This seems to work well.)  I love hearing the clucking and  chatting between the birds.  Can anyone tell me what type of chickens these are?  There are two types in this photo.You know you are raising homestead kids when they look at a picture of a chicken and identify the type and the gender rather than just say that it is a chicken.  

One of my daily chores is to gather the eggs.  You might have guessed that.  Marbles the cat comes along and makes sure all the nest boxes are empty and then counts the eggs (or maybe not).  I do though.  They get recorded on our farm sheets, so that we can make sure that we are breaking even or getting a little ahead on the egg sales. 

I really love the beauty of a basket of our eggs.  They are so yummy and good!

This orchid is a testament to my son Paul's faithfulness.  Two years ago, a friend gifted us this orchid as a hospitality gift.  It was blooming in a tiny container, and only required one ice cube once a week to water it. Paul has faithfully tended it and watered it over the last 2 years. He even transplanted it when it outgrew it's small home.  It is currently in a quart container and is blooming again.  You can tell a young man is tending it by the shell casings on top of the soil.  Isn't it a beautiful flower?  It makes me happy to see this result of faithfulness.

Here is the Old White Farmhouse as it looks in the snow.  It is indeed a gift from God and living here makes me very happy! I know this world is not my home, but I am enjoying passing through.

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