Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rainy Day visit to the Farm

Recently, my nephew Levi, came on his spring break to spend some time on the farm.  He enjoyed playing outside in the dark.  There are often late night chores to do on a farm.  Things have to be done whether it is raining or dark.  That's just the way things roll on a farm.

He enjoyed playing with the baby turkeys.  He learned how to catch them and hold them.

Elizabeth and Levi spent most of their day playing in the upstairs of the barn.

They had a great time building a fort with hay bales.  

They built a lot of furniture.  This was their 'picnic table'.

They built lots of hiding places into their fort.  They liked to hide from 'visitors'.

No fort is complete without a rope swing.  They had a wonderful time playing in the barn.  It was a great day building forts and relationships.

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