Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How To Get a Great Deal on Legos

I've found that Legos are quite a hot item among homeschooling families, but where do they get them? Sure, they get a few for birthday presents, but if you're a big Lego fan, you'll notice that some people have many high dollar sets. Where do they get all those bricks? Well, speaking from experience, Probably the biggest sources are GARAGE SALES, Craigslist, and various deals at the local retail shops.
Now the next big question. How do I get a good deal on legos?

Craigslist-If you go to your local Craigslist website, and type in the key word Lego, you will come up with quite a few results Which, at least in my area are mostly video games. However a few of those leads will bring forth the results you want and lead to Lego bargains. If you think that the Legos in the ad are overpriced respond anyway. A lot of the time they are willing to haggle or barter.

Garage Sales- Recently garage sales have had more overpriced Legos. Most of the time, if they want to actually get rid of the stuff, they will come down in price.We have a few "professional" garage sales in our area. 90% of the time these people will not haggle, so if you're on a tight schedule, don't waste your time. If you're having trouble finding any garage sales try the classifieds in your local newspaper or craigslist.

Store Deals- How do you find deals in your local store? ONLINE. There are so many websites out there telling about good deals on Lego. As with all websites many of them are junk, so be careful and get a good content filter. The one I use is Toys N Bricks. I have found its information to be reliable and even though you have to become a member to view parts of it and participate in contests. I have gotten no spam in my 9 months of membership(Though it might just be because I use Gmail) If you get advertisements from local retail shops such as ToysRU and Walmart you might find some good deals there too. If you are a Borders rewards member (It is free to join), that is another good way as they send out many 33 and 40%of coupons that you can use on Legos.

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