Sunday, November 14, 2010

Red Hot CHili Peppers

We had red hot chili peppers in our garden this year. We tried serving them to a good friend who is of Mexican descent and he pronounced them too hot to eat. He would only touch his fork to them and then put it in the food to eat it. He was impressed and warned us that they were dangerous to have around.

The other day T-Bob came SCREAMING in the house. Apparently, he had been messing with the peppers and got some on his sleeve. He then had proceeded to wipe the sleeve across his face and get the oils on his eyelids and lip. He made quite the noise. JoAn immediately put his face under the faucet and had cold water run over it. This gave very little relief.

Then Michelle came in and announced that milk was the proper antidote. We started dabbing the milk on and in just a few seconds, he felt much better. It took about 10 minutes before it felt OK without the milk on it.
SOOOO the next time you run into the oils from very hot peppers, flush the area with milk for the quickest relief.


  1. WOW.
    that is scary and painful.
    Since i am not Mexican i had no idea that red hot chili peppers could be so burning spicy.
    Good thing your second oldest daughter was able to come to the rescue and easy the burning.
    Now, just to share but maybe you have heard about it before.
    a friend of mine who is becoming a chef recommended that when you get a really bad burn, to quickly apply a broken egg on the burn. i have not had the chance to prove whether this is a great solution (and i hope to never have to figure it out on my own kids or myself)but i thought it would be good to share with everyone that reads your blog.

  2. Hey T-Bob, Did the milk taste good??????????lol
    sounds painful! why didn't i hear this story over skype??????