Wednesday, March 12, 2014

AWANA Grand Prix 2014

It is time for the annual WBF AWANA Grand Prix.  The kids have a good time working on their cars.  We have several categories that they are judged on.  The first is design and the second is speed.  There are also several different design categories.  The kids race in their groups, or they can enter the...

Open race, which has way fewer rules.  That is the group the adults enter (no age restrictions), the cars can weigh up to 15oz instead of 5 oz.  and they don't have to use the official wheels or block.

This T-Bob's race car.  Can anyone tell me what he used to make the insect on top of his car?  He did paint it and glue on the antennae.  But the body and antennae  all came from the same thing.  I will give a prize to the first person that guesses it.  No fair guessing if you were told what it is!  I will give you a book if you guess.

The clubbers had a great time.

Here is how our track is set up.  There were a few technical glitches in the timing and computing end, but they eventually got them worked out.

Elizabeth had her little buddy with her a lot of the time.

Phil was really proud of his winning hot wheel.  The Cubbies get their race cars provided for them.

Michelle enjoyed holding baby Lee.

On your mark, Get set, GO!

Lots of kids come to our AWANA program!  We have 80-100 kids come every week.  That means that most of them don't come to our church.  It is a real ministry opportunity.  It is exciting to see the kids learning their Bible verses and doing their lessons and listening attentively, in between playing games and snacks.
T-Bob did win second place in the design category.  The clubbers are looking to next year already.  Trying to plan how they will design their next car and how to make it go even faster!

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