Sunday, March 2, 2014

Random Things

The junior high basketball season is officially over.  At the end of the season, we had a parent vs the team game and a potluck.

There was a lot of switching in and out.  The parents had the height advantage and there were some guys who played college ball who were still in good shape.  There were also a lot of parents who kept the game within range for the kids.

The  kids did a great job rotating players in with a good attitude.  They coached themselves and did very well.

Thomas had practiced with the team all season and he finally got to play with them.  I think he really enjoyed that.  His plan is to grow 3 or 4 inches before next year so that he will be tall enough to get to play with the JV or varsity team.  He needs to add a few pounds too.

 Some of the parents were very sore the next day after a few hard falls.  Everybody had a great time and a good time was had by all.  The potluck was very nice too! It was a successful season!

This friday  was the annual Celtic Ball with the Speech and Debate team.  The guys love it!  Usually most of us get to go.  This year I had the bookends with me in Amish country and Michelle wasn't feeling well.  Paul decided he would rather go to his own activity.

 Thomas and T-Bob love to go and do the country dances.  T-Bob danced every dance!  They look good when they get all cleaned up.  One of the rules at the dance is that the guys aren't allowed to ask the same girl to dance more than once an evening unless they are a sibling or in an established relationship.  It is a really fun time.

 Every once in awhile this is what we see out our window.   If you have read my Amish articles, you should be able to identify the type of Amish in this buggy.  Can you do it?

We had visitors yesterday.  It was so nice to see them again.  The Hyltons were in town.  Will wanted to be on the blog!  The visit was duly noted and recorded.  The guys had a good time walking to the back of the property and exploring.  They took Dallas with them and he came back with mud up to his shoulders.

Poor Michelle had to bathe him before he could come in the house for the night.  She scrubbed him down and he smelled purty when she was done.

 She had to wrap a towel around her to protect her clothes.  It was pretty cold out for an outdoor bath.  The temperature was below freezing.  Incidentally, by this morning all the ground was once again covered with a nice bright covering of snow.

The boys have once again been enjoying the heat from the fireplace.  They find it cozy to read or play games there.  So nice!

Tomorrow, we go and pick up our chicks and work on our seed starting and other farm projects as well as the daily chores of getting laundry done, cooking, etc.

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  1. Steve would have been jealous! I love your new home and everyone looks great! Exciting to see how God is blessing!