Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random Review of the Week

My view from the window this afternoon

Today started off as overcast and dreary.   The sun was hidden behind the clouds.  Then the snow started.  It has been coming down non-stop ever since.  We are supposed to get 2-4".  I can tell you this,  it is already over 2".  The grass is covered and the world is all white.

This week we had my niece over after school a couple afternoons.  We really enjoyed having her around.  Elizabeth loves it, as she only has brothers around here to play with and they just want to do boy stuff, like pingpong basketball, and frisbee.  Elizabeth likes to play 'dress-up' and  a girl cousin is the  perfect companion.

Miss President likes to dress-up and do a photo shoot.  They had a blast!  I am not sure what the theme was or what they were using, but I think it may have had a biblical theme.

Whatever the dress-up, they enjoyed their time together.  

The chicks are growing quickly.  I will do a post about what we are doing with the chicks, shortly.

These are some Anna-made-It cookies.  She made up the recipe and they were delicious.  They were a kind of coconut bonbon. Yummy!

Apparently, Elizabeth can do dress up by herself.  I really enjoyed watching Elizabeth in her funky outfit playing hymns on the piano (JoAn has been giving her lessons) and Paul with his violin playing duets together.  It sounded nice.  Elizabeth has been a good student.

T-Bob is getting so big and strong.  He is an excellent helper on my trips to Amish country.  He has such an easy going personality, that he is a joy to hang with.

My favorite sunset of the week
The family is once more enjoying good health after a month of struggles.  It takes a long time to go through when a bigger family gets it one person at a time.  It looks like we will have another busy week.  But it is all good!  My seeds are starting to sprout in the basement.  That makes me happy!  Looking forward to gardening season!

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