Friday, February 12, 2010

December-January Birthday Party

JoAn and Mr. Boots had birthdays. JoAn is now 19 and Mr. Boots is now 17. We combined their birthdays and had the party on February 6th. Doesn't make much sense to me either. We had to find a date that the rest of the family could come. Mom and Dad are still in Florida, but we aren't sure when they are coming home. They are waiting for it to warm up down there. They haven't gotten into a pair of shorts yet.

My Nephew Ian had a rough evening. He spilled his strawberry shortcake on the floor. He was willing to eat it from there, but those mean adults wouldn't let him. He also managed to get into our craft closet and found a container of finger paint. He couldn't get the lid off, but that didn't stop the mess. He dropped the plastic container on the floor and it broke. There's a book about a purple crayon, but the book he read must have been about purple paint. Fortunately, it was on a wood floor and cleaned up easily.

JoAn and Mr. Boots had a homemade pizza and salad dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Everything was delicious. Poor JoAn had to do all her own cooking for the party as I was stuck in the blizzard away from home.

We played 'The Great Dalmouti'. A fun card game that accommodates up to eight players at a time. It is a game that never ends, but the person who is winning changes with almost every round. My DH really likes this game. It is easy and a bright 6 year old can figure it out.

Heidi is growing up quickly and well. She is looking forward to getting her braces off before she leaves for the Philippines.

Todd is busy taking LOTS of pictures with the camera he got for Christmas. We are all well documented now.

This is my beautiful niece Sadie. No, I didn't touch up this picture. Her eyes are really this blue.
We enjoyed a nice evening of family fellowship.

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