Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ping Pong at the Mangos!

We finally got the ping pong table. It is so nice! We don't have a lot of room with all the things we have stored in the garage. There is only about 10 inches of clearance on the one side and nothing on the other.
We have to make allowances for replays when the ball goes into the 'junk' on the edges and is nonreturnable. But the children now have something to do that is active and that is NOT in the living room. Hallelujah! I also now have a place to exercise,

as the children take turns being beaten by Mom. HeHe! I still got it! Mr. Boots can give me a run for my money sometimes, but he's not there yet. I really enjoy playing ping pong. Thanks DH for setting it up and clearing all that stuff out of the garage to make room.

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