Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We have been getting a lot of snow lately. we have at least a foot and it keeps coming! Us kids have been doing a lot of shovelling. because of our mommy's business we have to keep the driveway cleared for them. Our only snow blower belongs to Mr. Boots, and it is VERY old and does not like to run when there is snow on the ground. Last year it decided it would not work anymore, and Mr. Boots was not home to deal with it. Unless we find a specific part it will never run again. We are in cahoots with our neighbor children. we help them shovel their driveway and they help us with ours. Brooke, Chance, and Ulysses have been sick lately so they have only come once so far this week. we have been enjoying all this snow. Last night we took Dallas and went over to play at the neighbors. We're going sledding today.
How much snow did you get?

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