Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

This is really the story of a swan song. My sister Miriam and her family feed a swan while the owner goes out of town. They also end up feeding half the geese and ducks in the area.
Miriam's family was heading out of town for the weekend so Michelle agreed to feed the swan. At the last minute my sister stayed home as she wasn't feeling well.

Michelle went over to the pond and got the food out and fed the ducks and geese, however, the swan was missing! They searched high and low, but the swan was gone and there was no sign of her. No feathers or blood - a good thing.

Elizabeth and Levi were along to watch. The pond is surrounded by gravel and a fence. The swan has her wing clipped and so she can't fly. Where could she be? They called Aunt Miriam, and she got out of her sick bed to come look for the swan. In fact she went twice. She also contacted the owner to ask where she wandered to when she got out. No help there either. They deduced that she had swam out the little creek and had left and was probably looking for company. The male swan had died several years ago. Where do you look for a swan? My sister had no idea and so she left.

She decided to go to Pat Catan's to buy knitting needles to work on a project. Pat Catan's is about 1.5 miles from the pond up the creek. When she came out there was a crowd gathered in the parking lot. She went over to see what was going on and saw they were surrounding and looking at a swan. HMMM! We didn't know the swan was into crafting.

The police were called to help catch it and after multiple tries they threw a net over her. Apparently the police in this area are not familiar with capturing swans. They finally got her contained, wrapped her in a blanket, put her in a box and gave her a lift home. They then had to use a tarp and block off access to the creek so she couldn't escape again! The story ends happily. Sarah the Swan is home.