Monday, December 27, 2010

CHristmas Eve Celebration and Traditions

My DH brought me these beautiful flowers on Christmas Eve. He did his last minute shopping at Trader Joe's the grocery store. With our children, you can never go too far wrong with buying them food.
I made a cold cherry soup and served it with whipped cream and a touch of cinnamon.

We got our traditional crab cheesecake from a local restaurant. She makes it Gluten Free for us, so that everyone can enjoy it.

We set the table with our china and fancy glasses. We don't sit down to eat until the kitchen is cleaned up.

This is our Christmas tree just before the family festivities begin.

Michelle was more interested in her book than the gifts in the beginning. She just had a little bit to go before she was finished.
I love my children!!
The simple things please them. They don't prepare long lists of things they 'have to have'.They are content with socks, underwear, and whatever books or little things that they receive.
They are appreciative and enjoy spending time together as a family.
Thomas was very excited to get an eight GB thumb drive.

The Boss enjoyed surveying the progeny.

And T-Bob was thrilled to get his very own cleaning kit, for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. The dear child actually requested this present. At least it wasn't more Legos.

Mr. Boots was happy for some new t-shirts and other unmentionables.

His favorite gift was his OWN tube of toothpaste. He doesn't like sharing it with the younger children. Something about cross-contamination. I sort of understand.

Joan got a requested book. The trouble with giving books is....

that people start reading them right away. LOL

Elizabeth was very happy with the special necklace that her Daddy gave her. They make her look so grown up.
We did have a wonderful Christmas. It is such a blessed time to stop and reflect on our salvation, the best gift of all, and which came through Jesus. He truly is the reason for the season!

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