Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Mangos

We had a lovely Thanksgiving! We had 20 family and friends over to dinner. Michelle made cake pops that she decorated as turkeys. Very cute, but not very healthy!

Everybody pitched in to help. Dad carved the turkey. This is his traditional job.

Captain Paul was visiting. So nice to see him. He helped carry things to the table.

Kathy and JoAn got food on the table.

Becki, the soon to be bride, filled the glasses and helped set the table.

Don put out the snacks he brought, for munching after dinner.

Dad finished carving the turkey - it is a big job! You have to separate the white and dark meat and put the stuffing in the bowls too!

Dallas stayed outside in the cold. He just watched the proceedings through the back door.

The guys found some chess boards. Older brother beat younger brother, and son beat father in these matches.

Sadie just woke up from her nap and was a little groggy.

This was the cousins' table with the two youngish uncles chaperoning.

Levi liked the boys' toys he found to play with.

It was quiet after dinner and the adults vegged.

Grandpa found an old Sears Catalog and read that. He did join us for a game of Quiddler later.

Captain Paul relaxed by playing some original compositions on the piano.

Becki enjoyed talking about her wedding plans.

Michelle likes doing Sadie's hair. There is getting more to work with.

Ian saw the day through his rose colored glasses. He wore them all day!

Paul was introduced to Polly Pockets. Something a father, with only boys, hadn't run into yet. He happily played with Elizabeth using his finger as the doll.

It was a great day! It is always good to stop and reflect for all the things we are thankful for! It is nice to be able to share a day with family and friends!

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