Thursday, December 9, 2010

Elizabeth turns Six!

Happy Birthday to you!
Elizabeth's day started with a special birthday breakfast prepared by Michelle. She even got homemade hot chocolate in the special birthday mug.
Michelle thinks that cream is a cooking staple.
She was also served homemade pancakes with fresh strawberry sauce, more whipped cream and orange juice. Yummy!

This is our now six year old. She isn't smiling wide enough to see the missing tooth on the bottom. I think she was still half asleep for this picture.

I neglected to take any pictures of her lunch. She requested scallops in a cream sauce. She has very refined tastes. Obviously she hangs around Michelle too much. I did make them for her and Michelle. ( And not for the other children who are not real sea food fans.)

Grandma R came to dinner. Grandpa was out hunting so he couldn't come. Her supper menu was steak, stuffed baby potatoes (with sour cream and cheese), brussel sprouts, and carrots with garlic dill butter. Yes, she came up with that menu by herself. My children LOVE brussel sprouts. They consider them a real treat.

This is the cake that Michelle and Elizabeth made for the occasion. Pretty amazing. For all my health conscious friends who are having heart attacks out there.... It was made from a SINGLE gluten free vanilla cake mix. That is not frosting on it, but whipped cream of course. The red stuff is some more of the berry sauce that was made for breakfast, just thickened a bit more with cornstarch. There are fresh strawberries in there also.This is almost healthy for you! LOL

Of course the youngest sister of three older brothers has to put up with some tricks. These were the relighting candles. She tried valiantly to keep them out, but it didn't work. She was a very good sport about it and thought it funny.

Here is a picture of the inside of that scrumptious cake. Sorry you missed it!
Michelle is going to be doing a GF cake for a friend's wedding this month. She won't use whipped cream for the frosting there. It is too hard to decorate with.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth, We love you!!

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  1. Happy belated-Birthday from the Philippines Elizabeth! I wish i could have been there to wish you happy birthday personally!;( oh well!
    miss you and luv u