Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fetching the Christmas Tree

The Mangos have along tradition of fetching our Christmas tree from Red's Tree Farm about a half hour from our home. This year was getting near dusk when we got to the farm.

This year Mr. Boots had constructed a new very cool sled. He was tired of the ones he bought breaking. This sled was made from a 55 gallon plastic drum. It works great and is nearly indestructible. Even Dallas the dog can't chew this one up. The price is nearly free, too. He has also refined the harness for Dallas and Dallas has grown and filled out. He can easily pull the sled now.

This is our traditional 'pose the children in front of the selected tree' picture. It is a beautiful blue spruce. It cost $25 for any blue spruce on the lot. Big or small.

Elizabeth is no longer a little girl. She has transitioned into the big girl state ever since she lost that first tooth!

T-Bob is the 'king of layers'. At any moment he has 5-9 layers on. He will often have 2 hoodies a couple long sleeve shirts and a couple short sleeve shirts all at once. It makes him look chubby, but he still needs slim jeans. He likes it that he can just walk outside and not need a coat on. I don't know how he stands it in the warmer areas of the house. He also likes the fact that when one shirt gets dirty, he can just remove it and be clean again. Not so nice for the laundry lady, but I guess there is a certain 'boy' logic to it.
On Facebook I posted a video of Dallas pulling the tree out of the woods. He did all the work. In fact the children were asked several times if he wouldn't help someone else get their tree out too. Mr. Boots is sure that he could make quite a bit of money offering that service there, come another year.
This is one tradition that the children really seem to enjoy.

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