Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

We had a long day in Amish country on Friday. Saturday morning we woke up and the phone was working and the power was on. The sun was even shining sporadically. We got up and made breakfast.We get our milk from a dairy farm and we fill our half gallon jugs from the milk tank. One of the boys got a jar out and set it on the table a little hard. Somebody else had noticed the beginning of a crack in the jar, but we hadn't done anything to take care of it. Alas, when the jar banged the table, the crack became a wide crevice. Actually, it became several pieces!

The milk, with all it's yummy cream went running off the table and on to the floor. How sad!! But we didn't allow any crying, Because you mustn't cry over spilled milk, right?!!

Dear Dallas was happy to come to our rescue and work on floor clean up. He thought that performing this duty gave him house dog status. Anytime he was let in the back hall, he would try and come into the rest of the house. Something he knows he is not allowed to do. Silly dog! I guess dog's have sin natures too. He forgets he is an outside dog, just because we have grace and let him sleep in the back hall.
Dallas loves people. He runs around the house and watches in the windows to see us. It is a little unnerving for some of my patients to see a big black dog staring in at them in the basement. We do enjoy him though.


  1. I'm so glad to hear there are still places where you can buy raw milk in Ohio. For future reference....