Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Darling!

The above sentiment rang through our house on Saturday. My DH finally made it home from New Mexico a day late. The original plane he and the girls took off on developed engine trouble and had to return to the airport. By the time they were re-ticketed they couldn't make it home on Friday.

We did have a lovely dinner as a family. I'd tell you the menu, but I don't want you to drool on your keyboard.

His present came in a BIG box. It was filled with all kinds of treats to go in his work truck. My DH was very pleased with them.

The candle was a bit problematic as it was one of those silly ones that relights.

There was much to visit and talk about, after a return from visiting family far away. Everybody was well, and they got to see his sister Becky who was also helping with the move. His parents moved from AZ to NM.

My DH was relaxed and happy.

My parents had returned from the Philippines last week. They joined us for the birthday dinner. It was fun to hear all their stories also. They had a great time. Dad seems to be fully recovered from his pneumonia that he had while travelling.

Here is the requested carrot cake that Michelle made and decorated for our beloved Dad.

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