Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy Days

 Life has been quiet and busy lately.  We have been enjoying beautiful sunsets almost every night.  I have been spending my time reading and planning my garden and how we will utilize the property.  We did get our CUAV application in so that we continue getting taxed as an agricultural property. That is all good.

Basketball season is over and debate is in full swing.  We are getting ready, our debate club, to host the next tournament.  The Boss is heading up the IE (speech) events.  This has a very steep learning curb.  Most all the stuff is done on the computer and my DH is not highly tech savvy.  He is learning though and working hard!  I am the ballot check-in chairman.  I train the people who are doing ballot check-in.  This is not too hard of a job, as most of the people doing it are experienced and know more about it than I do.  We spend a lot of time listening to Thomas go on and on with different arguments on different cases.  He spends hours and hours working on it!  We have to spend hours listening to him process out loud what he has been learning!  Sometimes our ears get tired, but we learn a lot too.

The weather has been frigid again, or is it still.  The ground is white with snow.  Hard to believe that March starts in two days!  We pick up our new chicks on Monday.  I will show you lots of chick pictures.  That is chicks as in the offspring of hens, don't get too excited guys!  Saturday I am planning on getting my seeds started.  Our basement is going to be a happening place.  With plants and chicks as well as the usual laundry and bow business all going on together.  Hope it works out.

Tomorrow is an Amish country day and in the evening there is a English Country Ball.  The three teenagers are going.  If we get back from Amish Country in time, some of the rest of us will go.  It is always a lot of fun.  The children are working hard on getting their school done.  We are keeping the critters happy in the cold weather and enjoying the peaceful life on the farm.

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