Saturday, April 3, 2010


We have so much to be thankful for! We are so blessed! We are enjoying the beauty of spring as the flowers pop up and bloom around the yard.
More every day!

We are thankful that Dallas seems to be 100% fit after his run in with a car.

We are grateful to God that our friend Lily has recovered from her surgery without severe pain. This is a blessing when you are working on grafting bone. She is home now and doing well.

We are thankful for healthy children who are competent cooks and able helps around the house. They are a real blessing.

We are very grateful and blessed that the 'flying toilet' that struck my DH in the neck this week did not penetrate deep enough to hit anything vital. It was just a good gash.

We are thankful for two large stacks of unsplit wood in the driveway. This means the house will be warm next winter and we have a way of keeping the boys busy this summer. :-)

We are most thankful for God's greatest gift of all. Our salvation that was provided by His death on the cross and completed at His resurrection. It is freely offered to all. Why does God love us so much?!! God's gave His son to take sin on our behalf, those who accept it have the promise of eternity in heaven with Him. What can be more awesome than that? If you are a Christian, tell a friend about what God has done for them. It is the Cure to man's most serious disease - SIN.
It is the greatest BLESSING of all!

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