Friday, April 2, 2010

Cousins and Friends

Happiness is a beautiful spring day with friends and cousins to play SPUD with. Do you remember that game from your childhood?

The temperature was about 76 which is significantly warmer than usual for this time of year. At our house the temp has to be above 70 degrees before bare feet are allowed.

Heidi and Brooke were enjoying themselves as everyone played together.

Elizabeth would find a spot behind a tree so that she was a more challenging target.

Adam, a friend, was the referee to make sure that everybody stopped running when 'Spud!' was called.

Katrina was having a good time and Ulysses was just swinging back and forth through the game. Nobody seemed to mind. What's to mind?!! It was a beautiful day!

Josh liked being the center of attention, although when the spotlight stayed on him after the ball was caught, he wasn't sure that was where he really wanted to be. Those letters started to mount up fast! He and I discussed what stealth meant. We spent some time watching a red tail hawk circle the house and the field, we played with the camera. It was some quality Aunt-Nephew time.

I like this picture of Brooke.

After a vigorous game of SPUD the older girls relaxed at the piano, Katrina and T-Bob played 'Battleship' and the rest played Legos and Bionicles.
This post is for my sister and her husband in the Philippines so she can see what her children are up to while they are away.

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