Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Family Funnies

Yesterday as we started our long pilgrimage to Amish country, JoAn started sifting through the front of the van. She was relieved to find a real dearth of CDs to listen to. She commented, "We didn't bring any music or anything to listen to."
From the back seat Thomas piped up, " You brought me!" Yep, we got to listen to him for most of the day.
Story 2
My Uncle in Canada had a bone scan on Friday. It involved injecting a lot of radioactive isotopes. They were warned about airport security. They weren't planning on flying so they didn't give it another thought. Today, they were driving down to ND to fill up their gas tank (American gas is less expensive.) As they were crossing the boarder their usually friendly boarder guards suddenly were in a state of 'red alert'. Apparently, he had set off the radioactive sensors from inside the car. He had to prove to them that he wasn't a terrorist. My uncle is an almost 70 white haired 'old guy'. :) Fortunately, they got it worked out and they could continue on their way. Glad they let him back into Canada.

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