Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where's the Beef?

The Mango's have a autumnal tradition of buying a steer in the fall and then using the beef the rest of the year. This year we went to a different farmer/butcher. This farmer raised black angus beef and they are much larger than the kind we had previously. This years steer was more than 461.5# of meat. Fortunately we split it up with our friends. They get a third and we get the rest.
Kathy and I very carefully divide it out. We make sure that neither family gets more than their share of the roasts and steaks. We aren't cut throat about this but we do take it VERY seriously!
JoAn was the arbiter. She was the keeper of the scale. We brought up the doctor scale from the basement and we carefully weighed everything out.

We sorted everything and then divided it out. The filet mignon were weighed out to the ounce. It was actually a lot of fun. We had so much meat that there was enough for both families generously.

When it was all done we put it back in the boxes and the boys (who had brought it in to the living room) then carried it out to Kathy's car and the basement and the sundry other places that we have it stashed. Our freezers are now full to capacity and we even had to borrow space from others. Dallas is once more well supplied with bones. For those who are interested It was a grass fed steer with no hormones, etc. Not quite certified organic, but pretty close. The price per pound worked out to be $3.55. This did not include the bones and other sundry parts we requested for Dallas. A little expensive for ground beef, really cheap for steaks and high end roasts.
I would be happy to pass the butcher info along to anyone who is interested. He also sells by the half and the quarter.

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