Friday, October 30, 2009

Homeschooling Myths

There is a myth that homeschooling is merely setting up school at home and all the children either are sitting around working quietly or gazing attentively at the teacher soaking up all her vast wisdom. Kind of like Ulysses is doing here. The Mango Academy is unfortunately not such a place. They do sit quiet while we are praying together, but somehow, once the teacher starts teaching, they all get busy with something else. I am OK with that as long as they are learning and still paying attention, but the other day things got a bit wild.

T-Bob started laughing and the children were being silly.

Elizabeth sat and sedately stitched on her project, but the bigger girls got absolutely silly. What was with that? The problem started when Brooke brought her hot curlers to school so she and Michelle could try them out in each other's hair.

Michelle's long bangs formed long 'sproing' curls that were so much fun to be slung around.

And how do you use these things exactly? Don't they make one look beautiful? Even some of the boys ended up with some wild hair-dos and the water from the spray bottle kept ending up where it didn't belong, so it was banned from the classroom.

T-Bob finally got bored with the girl's shenanigans and went back to his Legos.

Elizabeth got tired of sewing and decided to do some coloring. Believe it or not they really were listening and learning the whole time, and not just learning beautician skills. They had fun AND did their memory work and listened to the missionary stories and other biographies and history. As long as they don't talk or get too distracting it is OK. I have to admit that this day did get a little out of hand. I had to rein in a few of their activities. We had some good laughs though. It was memorable. Then they put the toys away and settled down with some good books.

Chance was reading Lois Lenski's Corn Farm Boy.

Ulysses found a Dr. Seuss picture book to go through.

Brooke was reading a novel by Christmas Carol Kauffman (What were her parents thinking when they picked that name?) Mr. Boots slipped out on the porch to check out the autumn scenery. He came back in and did his reading too.

Everyone found a comfy spot to do their literature reading. The rest of the day went much smoother.

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