Saturday, October 31, 2009

King Dallas No Longer

King Dallas the dog likes to sit and survey his kingdom, preferably with a bone firmly fixed between his paws. He is enjoying the autumn beauty. He runs through the leaves and attacks any errant rakes that would steal his leaves away. He thinks he is king of the Mango kingdom.
He regularly patrols his fiefdom and tries to keep out any marauding squirrels or other critters. If any forgetful boy leaves a football lying around. The king assumes that it was left for his benefit. When we look out he usually has it grasped firmly by the laces and is running in big circles around his kingdom, hoping for a boy to come join him.

He really likes his new palace. It is lined with clean straw and an old rug. It is clean, warm and dry. Just perfect for the dog king.

He delights in getting his bones to submit to his fierce jaws. Life is good for the dog king. Except....
This week he became the dog Eunuch. There is no longer any chance of offspring to continue the royal line of accession. Poor Dallas has now been 'Tutored' in the realities of a dog's life. The vet wanted him to remain in the house for a week. It lasted 3 hours and then by mutual consent he was returned to his outdoor fiefdom. He has the run of his kingdom once again and my sanity has pretty much returned.

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