Monday, October 5, 2009

Lily Update and other tidbits

Our friend Lily is still in the hospital, but she is continuing to improve. She has done well since her surgery a week ago when they rebuilt her leg and foot. The grafts all seem to be taking and healing. Today she was fitted for her back brace and was able to sit up for the first time in almost 2.5 weeks. She won't be ready for re-hab until she can put weight on her leg, so she is going to be released to go home, maybe in the next week. Please keep praying for her and the family. She has a lot still to go through. She has another surgery scheduled for more skin grafts in 2 weeks. Pray for strength and peace as there is a lot to persevere through. The hospital is only allowing parental visitors now. They are afraid of swine flu spreading. This is a hardship for Lily and their family. Joel and Lily are twins and are used to being together.

We had a nice visit on Friday with our dear friends the Stauffers. When our two families get together there are 17 children (although several of them are young adults now). The children have a grand time playing together. It is always a bit shocking to drive up to their house and to see a sign with large letters saying 'Kids for Sale'. It is only when you get real close that you see the much smaller print above it saying 'goat'.

Elizabeth really enjoyed holding baby Ezra. He was a little under the weather and so he was content to just be held, even by another little person.

Michelle was taking pictures again. I liked this one with the spider web with the raindrops on it and the blurred background. You can see by the gray sky in the background that fall is arriving on the North Coast.

Thomas was putting out a trap in the back field. Can you see what is in the trap? NO? Look close. It is black and white. It is NOT a cat. Unless you mean a 'polecat'. He got it released without being sprayed. Enough trapping son!
ALSO we still DO NOT have a winner in our herbal identification contest. Come on People!!

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