Monday, October 12, 2009

Thomas's Tale

The children have once again been writing in class. Today I am going to feature the inimitable Thomas's tale. The children were given two phrases from a book we are reading together and then were told to put it in a story. I will italicize the phrases in the story below. Enjoy!

One day John heard the sound of a small engine across the brown water. He looked up to see what it was. It was then that he saw the granite boulder the size of an elephant and the shape of an egg coming straight towards him. He screamed in terror and started to run. It was uncanny how it seemed to follow him. When he turned right, it turned right, and when he turned left it turned left. It gained on him every step that he took until it was only a few feet behind him. He finally reached a baobab tree and hid behind it. He thought he heard a mechanical noise and he saw a camera emerging from the top. The camera pointed straight towards him and the ball started again. He heard the tree splinter behind him and he started to run again. He made it to the road just as it reached him.
Optional ending #1: Squish, splat he was flattened thinner than a pancake.
Optional ending #2: As he reached the road he saw a vacant car with the keys in the ignition. He jumped in and started the engine. He raced off in a cloud of dust outracing the robot, for it was a robot sent to kill him. It still chases him to this day. So, if you see a man with a granite ball behind him, you can be sure it's John.
The End

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