Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elizabeth and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Have you all read this book? It does make one smile and realize that things aren't really THAT bad.
Elizabeth had one of those days on Thursday.

She was playing on a rope swing, kind of like this one at a friend's house. They have a big dog who decided to bite the rope that was hanging down. Unfortunately, he missed the rope and got her thigh instead. I don't think he was being malicious as he let go quickly, but she had a slight puncture wound, a scrape and a pretty good bruise. I guess she wasn't emotionally traumatized, as she was ready to go back there and play some more about a half hour later.

Her brothers then set up this slide on the platform. However, it wasn't bolted to the platform and it fell as she started down the slide. Yep, another scrape and bruise to her behind.

That evening, the children were outside playing in the dark. Elizabeth was running across the yard and hit the guide rope that holds up the volleyball net. You can see the sun shining off of it just above Dallas's head. She cut her mouth on the inside and had a swollen lip.
At least someone caught her as she was hanging from the net by the roof. It twisted as she was climbing down. Fortunately, she has gotten quite adept at crossing the monkey bars and was able to hang on long enough to be rescued.
She hasn't said anything about wanting to move to Australia, yet.

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