Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dallas Loves Snow

Dallas the Dog is totally an outside dog. He is NEVER allowed in the house unless we are taking pictures or it is cold and rainy outside and it's dinner time. We let him come in to warm up and grab a bite to eat. He really seems to thrive outside. He is always running around and barking at other animals or climbing to the top of the wood pile and letting us know he is 'King of the World'. He does like the inside and when it is time to send him back outside we frequently see a black streak heading through the house, down the stairs to the basement. There he sprawls down in front of the wood stove and pretends he is invisible. He comes back upstairs most unwillingly. He is very fast!

One of his favorite outdoor toys is this bike tire that is not on a bike. Not sure how it ended up in the yard, but it is there now and Dallas has co-opted it. He runs around the back yard fighting this round black 'snake' or whatever he thinks it is. He pounces on it and wrestles it.

He finally gets it down and pinned to the snow.

It pushes back up when he lets it go.

He gives up and finds his bone and has a snack and a break before he takes on the tire once more.
It is interesting to me that the cold and snow don't seem to phase Dallas in the least. he does have a nice warm doghouse that is stuffed full of hay and blankets. He keeps warm.

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  1. puppies are such fun to watch! I'm glad Dallas has been and will continue to be such a good dog for your family :-)