Saturday, January 30, 2010

Homeschooling- Second Semester

Homeschooling is a constantly evolving process. How we school now is so different from how we started out 15 years ago. It will probably look a lot different again when we finish up in about 12 years. We now divide the school year up into 3 semesters, each 12 weeks long. Then we go from there. I also do a lot of reading out loud to the children, even the high schoolers.

Here is a brief summary about our current studies.
Our memory work has been changed a bit as we are memorizing Psalm 22 which is a longer passage (31 verses) than we usually choose. Because of that we are not memorizing a long poem. We are instead putting more time in review of the ones we have already learned. We have also been a bit slack on our learning of new hymns. We sang Christmas carols in December and reviewed hymns in January. For February we are doing "I know whom I have Believed". We will follow the hymn schedule for the rest of the year. I like their current selections for this year. The children are working through Exodus for their Bible reading.

We are working on memorizing and reviewing a lot of lists this semester. Some are learning and some are reviewing their states and capitols. The children have been spending 20 minutes a couple times a week playing Seterra. This is available as a free download online ( . Seterra is a game that teaches geography. They have the cities of every major country, every major geographical landmark, flags, countries and regions. They keep track of an individual times and have a top ten list of names and scores. This is a good motivator for the children to get through their assignments to get to do. Even Elizabeth likes to play it. We are also learning the Kings of Israel and Judah, and reviewing the presidents of the US.

We are reading several books aloud. We don't read every book every day, so there is a pretty long list. We are still working through 'Freckles' by Gene Stratton Porter. We are up to Vol. 8 in the Jungle Doctor Series by Paul White. We are reading a missionary story about Headhunters. We have a devotional book based on Nature, and we are almost always reading a creation book.

We are over half way through the Mystery of History Vol. 1. I have learned a lot going through this. The children have enjoyed it too. We continue to work on our writing skills. Some times more faithfully than others. We always do a logic exercise every day. SHHH don't tell the children, they think we are playing a game. We often will do the cards for 20 Questions, TriBond, or other games like that. We do Lateral thinking Puzzle books, 2 Minute Mysteries and Old Quiz books.

I am hoping we can get the garage cleaned up real soon and a ping pong table installed. I need somewhere for the boys to run off some energy inside when it is too cold and yucky to go out. With five boys and their energy and liveliness I need a place for them to run so the house doesn't get ruined.

The children have their individual schoolwork as well. We keep busy!

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