Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rise Up and Choose

Our family was blessed to be able to get away to Dearborn, MI for a Bible Conference between Dec. 28-31. It was a wonderful time of good teaching and Christian Fellowship. A foretaste of heaven. It was at the Hyatt Hotel.

DH was fascinated by the architecture. It is a 16 story building. The boys, I am afraid, went exploring far and wide. They checked out every floor including the maintenance department on the 15Th floor. We put a stop to that as the elevators were in constant demand to take people up and down and there weren't enough elevators for a conference where everyone needed to be someplace at the same time. I took the elevator up, but I frequently walked down the stairs. We were on the seventh floor.
The glass elevators were pretty cool. It made locating family a little easier. "Oh there they go up to the rooms".

This chandelier fascinated my hubby. It was made of Fiber optic glass and must have hung down at least 9 stories. He took all the hotel pictures.

This is just another of his pictures taken in the main lobby area from an upper floor. I think it is a neat shot.

There was a book room at the conference and we spent a lot of time and money hanging out in there. We were so pleased to see our good friends Fred and Ruth S. Fred married us 21 + years ago. They are from the Milwaukee area.

The food at the conference was very good. They had a really nice dinner on Thursday night. We sat together as a family (something we weren't always able to do because of the seating arrangements) for JoAn's 19Th birthday.

It was a nice day for JoAn, but a little quiet. We are so blessed to have her in our family. She is a godly example to all the other children as well as to her parents. She is a very special young woman.

After one of the meetings we had a little gathering of the EBC alumni and took a picture. EBC is the Bible School where my hubby and I met.
The conference was about Choosing to live a life pleasing to God. The first speaker talked about how God chose us. Then we were encouraged to return to the 'old paths'. Those paths are reading the Word, praying and learning Bible Doctrine. It was really stressed how important it is to read and study the scriptures daily. The final session was about all the different things the Bible instructs us to choose. We have the entire conference on an MP3. If you are interested in listening to some or all of it let us know and we will get you a copy.

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