Saturday, January 9, 2010

Family Christmas Eve

Our family does dinner together and then we open Christmas presents together. We do it one at a time and go youngest to oldest.

Everyone got socks and unmentionables for Christmas. They each got a book or a book on tape also. They were very grateful.

Some were a little embarrassed and didn't take them out to show.

Thomas has multiple subscriptions to Lego magazine, so the December issue was what he gave his younger siblings. It included 3-D glasses. Quite the fashion statement. All the children had to try them on and see how they worked.

My friend Chrissi S. made the aprons. She does beautiful work. They have been very popular around here. (If you are interested in getting your own apron or another item - she makes beautiful dresses for girls, see her things in her e-bay store or on Etsy under Bezaleelartisans13. It would be a big help to a homeschooling family)

Elizabeth was very excited with her special gift, a doll.

It's just like an American Girl doll, but it is from Vision Forum. It was something she really wanted.
It was a blessed day and a wonderful time together as a family. We thank the Lord for His goodness to us. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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