Thursday, September 2, 2010

Falling Behind

Every year we try and put up some produce in the summer to have on hand for the winter. This year, we are slacking. We haven't gotten any tomatoes canned or much produce frozen. We did do some corn, but about 10% of last year's amount. We didn't have any excess zucchini or cukes. We have been able to keep up with what we planted in the garden, but not any extra.

I did get my order in to the organic farmer who grows my beets for me. The children put up the two plus bushels for me. Joan directed the project and cooked all the beets. Elizabeth and the neighbor girl popped off the skins. They thought it was great fun.

Michelle cut up the beets.
(There was obviously some tasting going on, too)

Mr. Boots filled the containers.
T-Bob and Thomas did help a little too.
The parents were busy with other projects.
Thanks children!
Incidentally, Tuesday night is beet night at the Mango household. Whether you try to wrangle an invitation or avoid one is up to you.

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