Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gooo Tribe!!

My DH and I decided to go to the city and catch an Indian's game for our anniversary. We hadn't planned ahead so we decided to get the tickets there. We actually bought them from a 'scalper'. We were able to get good tickets for about half price. We were down the first base line and in the tenth row back.

The last time we had come to a game was 2 years ago, also for our anniversary. We saw a very rare triple play in that game. The Indians won also.

This year the Indians stink!! I don't even know the names of the players. Most of their better players are on the injury list. The only reason we follow them at all is because of tradition and they have great radio announcers. They crack me up. I would listen to them if they were talking about keeping deer from eating your flowers or ice cream (And they have, when the game gets really bad.) The Indians current first base coach is Sandy Alomar (see above picture) who was one of my favorite players in the 1990's.
The best thing about the game was the company!

Sorry for the blurry picture, but this is a picture of Tribe living heritage. The drummer is a fella named John who every season buys two season tickets, one for himself and one for his drum. He plays his drum to get the crowd going. Even if you listen to the radio you hear the drum.

We had a great game to go to. The Indians won in a big way. There was three three-run homers. The final score was 15-4 over the KC Royals. The only down side of the game was that I had to sit next to a Yankee fan. Yuk! He was friendly, but still, the Yankees?!!

Friday nights the Tribe always puts on a real nice fireworks show. It was pretty big and dramatic.
The whole show was done to the music of the Beetles. When they did the 'We all Live in a Yellow Submarine' song all the fireworks were yellow. It was a really nice evening!!
Thanks honey! I hope we have at least another 22 years together!

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  1. Awww!! That's so cute!! I'm glad they won!! Probably just for you....=0)