Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dover Dam and Zoar Village

Continuing on with our field trip on Wednesday.... As we drove along SR 800 East we saw the Dover Dam.
It looked interesting, so we stopped and checked it out.

The top of the dam was about 50 feet above the river. We wondered if the river ever come anywhere near the top of the dam. That would really have to be some flood!!

The river is really low right now as we haven't had much rain here.

The boys checked out everything they could find to look at.
Mr. Boot said this was the favorite part of the day for him.
Sometimes a little spontaneity pays off.
Zoar Village was a bust for us.
I am sure that most of the time it is a great place to visit, however when we were there it was all closed up. Ugh!! Apparently they went on to their fall schedule on Sept. 1, which is weekends only. I should have done a bit more research. A booboo by Mom.

We could still see their gardens. We drove around the town and then went on.

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