Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review- An Important Part of Memorization

I agree 100% with what Mom wrote. I have hidden passages of Scripture in my heart with great blessing.

I used to struggle to maintain what I have learned and to keep memorizing. Not any more! Late in February I ran across this website. It is the best solution to reviewing I have found. Not only does it help you keep what you have memorized reviewed, but it also encourages and helps you to learn more. They continue to make the site even better. The newest improvement is levels that get progressively harder. The levels provide instruction on how to use the site and help you use the site to it's potential. They encourage you to memorize from different books in the Bible. The more levels you pass, the more you will have God's word hidden in your heart. Or you can just memorize what you want because doing the levels is optional.
Once you get to a certain level, they want you to start referring people to the site. If anyone who knows me personally starts memorizing on memverse would you let me know so I can get to the next level?

I actually blogged about it in the Spring on April 19. This site is a link on our side bar. I encourage you to check it out.


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