Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Semester Homeschooling Plans

This semester has started out with more of a whimper than a bang. I didn't have everything together when we started. The printer has died on our computer, so that I can't print off the things I needed. That slows me down- A LOT! I have to go to the library to get it done. I didn't have our scripture passage copied, nor our poems selected. There were several other things that I had neglected, so I am still working on it this weekend. Fortunately, it is a long weekend, giving me an extra day. I need it.

This is our current group of scholars at the Mango Academy. They go from Senior in High school to first grader. It is a wide range. I have, as always, made changes in our school program. This year I have shortened our 'morning time'. The older children need more time free to get their individual school work done. We are still working on Bible Study and prayer, a hymn together, memorizing Hebrews 1, memorizing several poems including Browning's 'How Do I love Thee?' , One or two of Robert Louis Stevenson, and 'The Man with a Hoe'. I still haven't decided which 'lists' to memorize. We are reading a missionary story, 'Fallacy Detective' (again), and Jungle Doctor Story together. We are going to do our art and music study this year. Every year I start off with good intentions about art and music and fail, but this year I will succeed. I have a plan. Our artist of the semester is Albrecht Durer, one of my favorites, and the composer is Beethoven. I would also like to do a bit more in the Nature Study department. I will do more together things with T-Bob and Elizabeth. Including, Science and writing, and maybe a couple other things.

Joan is continuing to work part-time as a mother's helper. This fall she is starting college with College Plus through Thomas Edison State College. She is tentatively planning to study accounting. She and Mr. Boots are hoping to get to play some volleyball this fall and winter. She is also teaching at AWANA and helping with a CEF after school club.

Mr. Boots will be a busy guy! He is a Senior this year. He has to finish Biology and start Physics concurrently. He needs to do two years of Spanish in one. He is doing Algebra 2 for math. He is also going to be doing Speech and Debate with a Christian Homeschooling Speech and Debate Club. They also have classes in Christian Apologetics. Much of his schooling will be spent in debate prep. We haven't heard what this year's resolution is yet. Last year's was on US tax policy. He is still doing some yard work jobs in his spare time. He is looking forward to doing volleyball. We have been practicing in the backyard. We have a net set up there.

Michelle is the queen of babysitting. She really enjoys the children and does a great job with them. She is plodding through her schoolwork. Math, Science, Literature and writing. Keep her busy. She also is a quality cook and photographer. In other words, she is much happier doing artistic things rather than strict academic subjects. She must do both! The local homeschooling volleyball coach wishes that she had more of a desire to play volleyball - height can't be taught!

Thomas will be joining Mr. Boots in the Speech and Debate Club. This is his forte. He will only be able to do speech this year, as debate is restricted to 14 and up. He is doing Biology, Algebra 2, Spanish, and lots of reading. He too will be doing a lot of research and writing for the Debate club.

T-Bob keeps marching on. He would be in fifth grade. He is doing Saxon 76 math, and a lot of reading. I am definitely doing much more of a Charlotte Mason type education with T-Bob and Elizabeth. I just wished I had started earlier with the other children. Joan is sad that she only got one year of it. She plans to use that method when she has her own children to school. So T-Bob has lots of good books to read.
We have also started Nature Journals with the two youngest. I plan to really enjoy educating them. As the older ones start to move on in their lives, I realize that I need to treasure every moment with them and take advantage of the opportunities. Read more books together, sing together, pray together.

Elizabeth is doing first grade. I decided to commit to a Charlotte Mason Approach and actually sent the Rod and Staff books I had ordered back to the company. She is reading well already. She can easily read the Little House Books. She and I are reading through the first one together. I am using the Queen Family Language Lessons, this includes copywork, narration, phonics, and grammar. It is taught in little bits and is not stressful. We are also doing LOTS of reading together. We are continuing in Miquon Math for her. She is a joy to teach.
I am doing Apologia 'Human Body' for Primary students with T-Bob and Elizabeth. We are also reading a couple books together. I would like for them both to start Spanish (Rosetta Stone), but we will have to see how that works out.
I am also hoping to keep our field trips going. We enjoy them so much and it is a good way for us to learn history and science.
That's my plan for the year. What are you working on? How have your ideas and methods changed over the years?


  1. I wish your girls were close enough to be mother helpers to THIS mother! What a help they must be!

    The boys "school" right now consists of memory (on the way up here we were listening to John Piper and Judah heard him quoting Romans 3:23 and recognized it - my first moment like you described and made me excited realizing the full potential of young children learning verses and then GETTING what speakers are talking about when they cover memorized verses!) oops! that was a long side track thought... anyways, memory, learning about Nigeria and airplanes :)

  2. My Bible Memorization post is coming next! Your 'schooling' sounds great. Your boys are blessed to have you for a mom.

  3. I noticed you said your daughter is going to do CollegePlus! I am a CollegePlus! student and can't say enough great things about this wonderful program. CollegePlus! has been a real blessing. I wish you much success!