Thursday, February 20, 2014

CCS vs First Baptist - Take Two

We had a number of games cancelled because of cold weather and snow.  This one was rescheduled and finally took place last week.  Our team was really struggling as many of our best players were injured.  Even T-Bob was having problems with his ankle.  There was a lot of limping going on.  At the end of the first quarter we were down 8-4.

Our guys were determined to keep going despite the injuries.  They played hard.

At half time, we were only down by 2.  The other team only scored two points in the second quarter.

The second half was a different game.  Our team came out and started shooting well.  Chase even started shooting threes and made several.

Chase was so outmatched size wise.  This makes defense a challenge as well as driving with the ball.

The third quarter ended with us  having a ten point lead!  The guys were so excited!

They kept going and eventually pulled out to a 15 point lead.  There was about three minutes left at that point.  The coach pulled his starters and put in the 2nd string.  The other team put on a hard press and it wasn't long before they were making a rapid comeback!

 They were within four points by the time the coach got the starters back in.  T-Bob and the other starters got the job done.  They broke the press and made a few quick lay-ups.

The other team had to start fouling in order to try and catch up.  Trevor was the one they fouled and  he made them pay for it!  He drilled free throw after free throw.  

The team pulled back out to a big lead.  They ended up winning by 16 points!

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